Reaching customers through email

Creating an accomplished website is just the beginning when it comes to extending your business on the internet. Email has long been considered one of the biggest revolutions of the Internet era simply because of its capability to send instant messages to anyone at anytime. This provides you with the platform to promote events, products, services and your website itself.

Whether your business is online or offline, e-marketing is a powerful and cost effective advertising medium. Whether your goals are to elevate sales, build long term customer loyalty, increase company awareness or just to keep your contacts up to date with your latest news, email newsletter campaigns have become an integral part of the marketing mix.

You can even take advantage of viral marketing opportunities by encouraging recipients to forward emails to friends using our 'send to a friend' feature.

We design templates that reflect your brand and test them so that your message is displayed consistently to all recipients, then we send and track your email campaigns.

From the minute your email is broadcast you will be able to track detailed information about the campaigns success including; open rates, click rates of links within the email (and when they were clicked), and which email addresses opened and clicked through. You'll gain valuable insight into recipients' interests by tracking who reads your emails and the links they click on.

Email Quality

We use a globally recognised SMTP service that aims for the best possible deliverability. The SMTP server is the server that sends the emails and basically the one we use has what is referred to as 'a good reputation' with email ensuring less emails are delivered to spam boxes.

We'll check the content of the email against some spam filters to be extra sure. And we'll check it with email boxes such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc before it's sent as well. And we will also check that the email looks looks correct across email clients; Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Entourage, Outlook Express and Mail.

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